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Sep. 10th, 2006


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After having a conversation with his mother, Lucas went to his room and slid one of his Karens Cafe hooded sweatshirts on. Grabbing his basketball from his closet, he quickly told his mom where he was going, and off he was, dribbling down the street, lit up by street lights, his hood fully pulled up. He knew that considering his heart condition jogging wasn't the best of ideas, so he kept a steady walking pace. Every now and then he would dribble behind his back, or between his legs, or just do something to make sure he wasn't losing his touch skill wise. Looking up and seeing the clear night sky, he couldn't help but smile softly as he continued dribbling the ball. As he made it to the house he set out to go to, he stopped bouncing the ball and held it in his arm as he walked up the steps slowly. Standing infront of the door, he knocked a few times, awaiting for the person to answer as he spun the ball in his hands a few times.

Jul. 29th, 2006

P. Sawyer


House Calls

Peyton stretched out luxuriously in her bed savoring the fact that this was the first Saturday morning in over a month that Brooke hadn't called an early morning cheerleading practice. She loved her best friend, but Saturdays were not meant for practicing new cheer moves. Slipping out from between her sheets and padding across the carpet, she flipped on her stereo. Soon the sounds of The Ramones filled her room as she pondered what she would do with an entire day to herself.

She waved absent-mindedly at her webcam as she passed. She was sure no one was actually watching it at this time of the morning, but she stuck her tounge out at it anyway. Lucas had called her before going to bed last night, and let her know that he was going to be otherwise engaged all day. So Peyton had decided that she was going to use the day to herself to try to get some things done that she had been putting off. Her art supply drawer leered messily at her from the corner, she'd been meaning to re-organize it. And she knew that her bathroom was due to be cleaned. But one glance out her window at the gorgeous morning and she knew she wouldn't be spending the day inside. Cleaning projects were for rainy days.

A couple hours later, Peyton was dressed and driving along the streets of Tree Hill with the top of her car rolled down. She stopped in at the cafe for a cup of coffee and chatted aimably with Karen and Haley for a few minutes before setting off up the road for the record store.
She spent about an hour shuffling through the old CDs and records and left with her wallet considerably lighter. And as she got back inside the black car, she riffled through her purchases and sighed. She had one thing left to do that she knew she couldn't put off for another day. She started the car back up and pulled out of the parking lot.

She kept driving, not really hearing the new music she had just bought, until she approached Jake Jagielski's apartment. She pulled the car to the curb and turned the engine off. She sat inside the car thinking for a moment, before finally getting out and hurrying up the walk to the front door.

She knocked.

Jul. 6th, 2006

P. Sawyer


(no subject)

Peyton smiled as the afternoon sun warmed her shoulders. She threw out her arms and spread out the white paper tablecloth over the long folding table she and Brooke had dug out of the garage earlier that day. As she set up chairs around the table, a thought occured to her, and she ran back inside the house and up to her room. She dug through her art supplies until she found an old box of crayons. She grinned at the Crayolas as she headed back outside and set them on the table. She figured if Jake decided to bring Jenny, and she sincerely hoped he would, that the little girl could use the wax crayons to color on the boring white of the tablecloth. (Who was she kidding, she'd probably end up coloring on it herself before the end of the day.) She set paper plates out, alongside plastic utensils and cups, before looking out over the fence to see if Brooke's beetle could be seen making it's way back up the road. No sign of her yet.

Peyton brushed her hair out of her eyes and moved over to the porch while she waited for Brooke to return from a last minute store run. The girls had moved Peyton's stereo outside that morning and positioned it on the porch railing and Peyton was sorting through the CDs they had set next to it. She supressed an eyeroll at the Chris Keller cd that Brooke had managed to sneak past her. "Veto." She laughed to herself, as she moved it to the bottom of the pile. She pulled out her Lauryn Hill cd and plopped it into the stero and hit play. As the music began to fill the backyard, Peyton heard someone say her name. She smiled up into the bright sunshine to see who it was.

[open to anyone/everyone]

Jun. 20th, 2006

all glammed up


Ceremony & Reception

(Since there haven't been any posts in the last couple of days, I thought I would move us along with the ceremony. I hope this is okay with everyone.)

The Ceremony

Everyone had already taken their seats. It was almost time. Nathan stood waiting at the alter for Haley. The music started and Peyton walked up arm in arm with Lucas. She looked beautiful with her blonde hair up and her boyfriend by her side. He smiled as they walked together.

As soon as they had reached the alter it was time for Brooke and Cooper to shine. He gave her his arm and she took it with a smile. 
"Hey Coop, you never know, might be you and me one day." She innocently flirted. Cooper smiled at her and gave a small laugh.
"I'm way to old for you. You need someone your own age." He thought about Rachel. He felt guilty but it wasn't like he knew she was 17 when they met. Brooke smiled at him as they continued their procession. When they finally reached the others, the music changed. Haley's turn.

Everyone stood up at turned to face the beautiful girl in her wedding dress (care of clothes over bros). She smiled as she looked at the one man she would ever have eyes for, her husband, Nathan Scott. He watched her as she walked towards him. It was perfect.

The priest said a few words and then soon enough it was time for the "I do"s. Brooke and Peyton exchanged "Awws" as Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Scott shared their first kiss as man and wife for a second time. 

The Reception

After the "I do" exchange and the kiss it was time for something the kids of Tree Hill knew well. It was time to PARTY! Lucas and Brooke made some heartfelt speeches as the guests of the wedding stuffed themselves with some amazing food, catered by Karen's Cafe of course. 

Shortly after, Mouth took his spot at the DJ booth. He played the first song exclusively for Haley and Nathan. Everyone watched at they glided over the dance floor. 

The song finished as Mouth invited everyone else to join the lovely couple dancing.

(Alrighty, anything after this is free dibbs. Dancing, fighting, confessing, the car stuff, whatever ya'll want.)

Jun. 18th, 2006


(no subject)

Jake picked his daughter up as he began to weave his way through a group of older men and their wives, who were mingling before the wedding. He heard bits of basketball discussion, blended in with the latest gossip in Tree Hill from the women. As he reached an open area of grass, he set Jenny down on the grass and handed her one of her favorite dolls to keep her occupied for the moment. Looking up from where his daughter was sitting, he noticed a blonde figure walking in their direction.

“Hey, man. Glad you could make it,” Lucas said as he approached Jake.

“Glad to be here.”

“So, how have things been?” Lucas asked as he knelt down next to Jenny.

“Um, things have been okay,” Jake looked down at him and sighed. “I don’t know. Ever since I got back and got my own place, things have just been hard. I can’t pay my bills without some help from my parents right now… and I still haven’t found a roommate. Although, I did get a call from someone who is interested in sharing the apartment this morning while I was in the shower—“

“Oh, really? That’s great,” Lucas smiled as he stood up and wiped the grass off of his pants.

“Yeah.” Jake replied. He watched as Peyton and Brooke walked through the garden in their matching red dresses, sharing laughs. With all of the problems those girls had been through, he admired how they were always able to find their ways back to each other again. Peyton and Brooke complimented each other well, one being the secluded, broody artist, while the other is an outgoing, perky cheerleader. Apparently, opposites really do attract. He glanced over to find Lucas looking over in the same direction.

“Pey Pey! Bwooke!”

Jake and Lucas looked down to see Jenny running to where the two girls were standing. At the mention of their names, they had both turned around and now had smiles plastered on their faces. Jake chased after his little girl to make sure she didn’t fall, with Lucas following close behind. As they approached the girls, Jake felt his pants begin to vibrate. He dug into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone, revealing an unknown number. He waved to his friends and said, “One minute.” He flipped open his phone and pressed it to his ear.


Jun. 16th, 2006


(no subject)

Rachel brushed back her long red hair to the side, it was beginning to irritate her after her first glass of champagne; and she wasn't planning on stopping for at least a couple more hours. She always did this at weddings. It was something she had adapted to doing at most social events, anyway. She hated it but there was a part of her that couldn't control it. It was like an addiction.

An addiction, like Cooper. A tall, in shape and very handsome man. With Cooper she didn't have to be herself. She could pretend to be someone she wasnt, which gave her a sort of satisfaction that she needed. In reality, she was miserable, but she'd never admit it. She needed a man in her life, not a boy. Not a kid. Unfortunately not a sweet guy, either. There had always been something that would keep her back from having a relationship with a guy like that. A relationship like the one she had with Mouth, which she knew she had screwed up royally. Now that she thought about it, there were a lot of things about her that she felt like she could never do. And it was beginning to bother her.

Rachel stepped out onto the crisp grass and watched the guests as they started to pile in. She smiled slyly as she watched, wondering what they were thinking, wondering if they were looking at her. And if they were, wondering what they were thinking when they did. She was beginning to feel a buzz coming on. When Cooper came she'd try her hardest to slow down her intake, which she already knew was a lie by the way things ended with him the last time.

Finally he arrived. Something inside her lit up and she found her legs moving toward him. It hurt her when she saw the instant change of expression when he saw her. They'd have to talk later, he told her. Today was Haley and Nathan's wedding day. Today was important. She played it cooly, like she always did around Cooper, and went back over to where she should be sitting.

As she sat down somewhat near the other cheerleaders, she tried to push him to the back of her mind. Today is Haley and Nathan's day, she said to herself over and over again. But the thought of losing Cooper was practically unbearable and the nagging voice she heard wouldn't stop, so she rudely snatched another glass of champagne and began drinking again, wondering when the hell the wedding would ever start.

(open to anyone if you'd like. I wasn't sure where to start off. Sorry!)


(no subject)

Nathan was staring at the water from the fountain, still thinking about that crazy dream he had the night before. The weirdest dream ever. He could see Haley drowning, in her wedding dress, and there was nothing he could do to save her. Nothing. The Craker Jack bracelet he had given her on their first tutoring session and some purples flowers were scattered on the water. That was creepy. What the hell could this mean?? he thought, his eyes still hypnotized by the water.

"Nathan!" Lucas' voice woke him up from his nightmarish daydreaming. "Are you okay?"
"Yeah." He said, unenthusiastic. "Have you checked on Haley?"
"Yeah, she's fine."
"But she should be here by now. Can you call her?" He couldn't help the sight of Haley screaming and drowning running constantly in his mind.
"Please." Nathan interrupted. "Just do it." This sounded more like an order than a request but Lucas didn't want to play the I'm-the-big-brother-you-don't-tell-me-what-to-do card today. Plus, Nathan looked very worried so why not help putting him at rest? He knew everything was fine with Haley, Karen or Brooke or anyone would have called if anything had happened, this was just some pre-marital-again groom scare.
"Okay, alright." He fianlly agreed.

Hearing Haley's voice and seeing her was just what Nathan needed. He knew she was safe, he knew she was happy, and he knew she was beautiful. Well, he knew that already. He had been knowing how beautiful she was since the first time he had seen her. But in her wedding dress... God, she was mind-blowing. The dress was already gorgeous by itself but with Haley's body in it, it was just perfect. Yeah, perfection, that was it.

"So, you okay now?" Lucas asked, a little grin on his face.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Don't start teasing me about all this, alright?"
"I promise I won't tease you about that... today. But I can't promise I won't be tempted to tease you about that when the wedding's over." He was nearly laughing now.
"Alright, okay, that's enough, just go... somewhere else and I'll go the other way." Nathan couldn't help the smile.

Nathan walked through the church's garden, taking deep breaths and repeating his vows in his head. Strangely, he wasn't nervous. Not at all. He had already gone through a wedding once and had actually had liked it. There was just 5 people for the first wedding and today there had to be more then 50 but that didn't make any difference to him. He was used to being the center of attention from playing basketball and he didn't mind. Alright, let's be honest, he loved this feeling.

He stopped, looking around him. Everything was going to be fine, he knew it now. The sun was bright, the temperature was great. Nature was on our side. he thought, smiling. This was what he wanted, showing all the people he knew how much he loved Haley. They had no faith in them the first time but they better believe in them today because this time, it would last. No tour, no Chris Keller, no High Flyers, no Dan, no anything to come between them. Not this time. She was his and he was hers. Period.

(open to anyone)

Jun. 5th, 2006



(no subject)

It was cold on the plane. Brooke looked out the window and watched as she left California far behind. This vacation from Tree Hill wasn't like the last. No drinking, few parties and even less random boys. She wanted to leave behind any traces of the old Brooke, she wasn't that girl anymore. California helped her realize what she really wanted. She wanted what her friends had all found. That special someone.

Her iPod was randomly shifting from one song to another as she took a sip of Sprite. The only two people who had ever come close to being her someone where Chris and Lucas. Her and Lucas was like a bad memory, it got in the way of so much. It's ironic because that's how it all started with Chris. He was a mistake that happened on one drunken night that changed Brucas forever.

It was for the best, she thought. Lucas still loved Peyton and if that night with Chris hadn't happened then maybe it would hurt to see them together. Chris was there for her a lot, it was surprising that she could have gotten so close to this guy that she once hated. But he was gone now.

Her mind wondered towards another boy. A tall boy with brown hair and beautiful smile. A boy with a small blonde companion. That boy had stolen many of Brooke's thoughts while she was away. She closed her eyes as she remembered that she wasn't the only one that had realized just how great this guy was. The last thing she wanted was to let another guy get between her and Peyton. She opened her eyes and took a deep breath. She wondered if anyone would be there to welcome her home from the airport. She turned up the volume as she drifted away from her thoughts.

Jun. 2nd, 2006



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Is this place dead?

May. 19th, 2006




Brooke packed her bag as the music filled the room. Her parents had asked her to come "home" for the break, originally, she said no but since Chris had left she felt a little lonely. Peyton was with Lucas somewhere and Haley was probably with her husband. Brooke gave a small smile as she packed a picture of her and the girls. She took a small glance at the doors she and Peyton had painted over. It felt good to move on, to start all over. Her friendship with Peyton was going strong and she knew one day it would be like before.

She wanted to take some time and just think. California wasn't home, Tree Hill was but sometimes, leaving home is okay. Especially if it helps you figure out what you want. The last thing she grabbed before exiting the room was a picture of Jake and Jenny. She placed it in her bag with a bunch of other pictures and her Chris Keller cd.

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