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Tree Hill High School

Home Of The Ravens

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Welcome To Tree Hill High!
A One Tree Hill Role Play

If you are interested in joining check here.

The Cast:

Brooke Davis: heart_bdavis
Rachel Gattina: rachgattina
Jake Jagielski: jake__jagielski
Haley James-Scott: haleyjscott
Chris Keller: rockstarkeller
Mouth McFadden: mr_mouth *
Peyton Sawyer: peytsawyer
Lucas Scott: __lukescott
Nathan Scott: natescott

*Please Apply if interested!

Da Rules:

1. Posting once a week is a VERY GOOD THING and well...required. :) Post in your journal and/or post in the community. Remember that if people don't post the community isn't active and we all want an active and fun community so everyone has to do their part. If something comes up and you can't post please let me know and we can work something out.

2. In your posts to the game, remember these things: proper grammar and punctuation are SEXY, spell check is your friend, and so is Dictionary.Com. There will also be no chatspeak here of any kind. Simple as that.

3. There is an OOC community: treehill_ooc. This is where you have any questions regarding the game, game ideas, suggestions, worship of your lovely mod...basically anything out of character. Hence the name OOC community. :) Please use this and watch it for any updates about the game.

4. Remember, that while this is just a game, respect is something that must be in play AT ALL TIMES. You can't hurt, maim, beat up someone's character without talking to them first. And you can't kill off your own character without talking to me first, because it could affect the entire game and other characters.

5. You must have a separate account for the character(s) you wish to portray. That's simple to understand, right? Ok, then I won't go any further with it.

6. Previous characters are welcome to join the game, as long as their backstory makes sense and they fit into the game. No Original Characters please.

7. If you want to leave the game, let me know so I have time to replace you and so the game won't stall. It's really irritating when people just quit and don't tell anyone.

8. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at heart_bdavis.